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Check the water pump weep hole. That is a common place that leaks occur and are not noticable. You should see tell tale signs it has a leak by some staining on the pump if it is leaking.

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View reliable Water Pump manufacturers on This category presents Pump, Submersible Pump, from China Water CAST IRON HIGH PRESSURE WATER PUMP High quality normal clean aluminum water pump 2" 3" 4",aluminum high pressure water pump 1.5" 2" 3",cast ...

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chevrolet silverado 2005 Complaints SEATS:FRONT ASSEMBLY:POWER ADJUST. easy exit and keyless entry function on key fob do not operate 10 way power seat. on exit seat goes full back, but has to manually be repositioned to setting 1 or 2. key fob 1 and 2 do not postion seat to pre-set positions 1 and 2. dealer noted the computer information center does not (this year) have the question ... To function as intended, the sump pump must use a drain line to effectively direct water away from the house and other nearby structures to a ditch, drainfield or other suitable outlet. Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the PVC pipe about six inches above the sump pump discharge to serve as a weep hole.

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Check out this quick component location and diagnostic tips on how to locate and properly test a suspected coolant leak at the water pump. In this case the o...

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If you have to, take them off, get a small wire bristle brush and baking soda/water solution and clean each one, both the connector and where it connects. If any repairs were made, clear the diagnostic trouble codes from memory, and see if the U0131 code returns or if you are able to communicate with the PSCM module.

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