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I prefer the Lilgun for 125's and the aa1680 for 110's and the subsonic 220's. If you want to be humane during your hunt, you wont use 150's in a blackout for hunting deer, especially when the shooter does not have the experience to pull off a head shot. A gut shot with a 150 will result in severe agony for the deer and a slow painful death.

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the only 150-160gr bullet i'm aware of right now thats for sale that expands at those kinda speeds is the outlawstate "subsonic" 155gr and the maker "rex" bullets (which i understand are still in the final stages of testing and are not available out in the wild quite yet)

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Navigation. Load Data. 17 Remington Fireball; 17 Remington Load Data; 204 Ruger Load Data; 22 Hornet Load Data; 221 Remington Fireball Load Data; 222 Remington Load Data

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Look for a load which results in a cyclic rate of 700 rpm or more. A1680 is recommended because its bulk density matches the case capacity and it will generate enough gas pressure to cycle the weapon. Suggested subsonic load: • R-P 300 AAC BLACKOUT brass • Remington 7.5 primers • 11.2 grains of A1680 powder (Adjust powder charge down as ...For the 150 grainers I MUCH prefer Lilgun to H110. ... So when running subs with H110/W296 or Lil-Gun you dont get as much gas as you would with A1680. I have seen guys on 300blktalk loading subs with H110 or Lilgun that had issues with the gun cycling and as soon as they went to A1680 their problems went away. ... The concept of a subsonic for ...

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I have an 8.2" Noveske and it is capable of 1 inch groups with both super and subsonic loads. The thing with the 300 BLK is you really have to work at it to get decent accuracy compared with other cartridges. A1680 seems to be the king for subsonics, and my smallest group was with a Hornady 208 and 10.2 grs. of A1680.

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I am currently looking to work up subsonic loads (around 1050 fps) with 245 gr Missouri lead and supersonic loads (around 1700 fps) with 150 gr X-Treme plated bullets for 16" upper with pistol gas block. I have looked at various powders and thinking about trying these: - W296/H110 - I/H4227 - A1680 - I/H4198A crowd favorite for pig hunting, deer hunting and general subsonic fun with silencers, it remains a strong choice for many shooters. Since you can work with bullets from 110 grain up to 240 grain in both hypersonic and subsonic loads it boasts tremendous, close-range versatility. Most shooters use it in varying capacities from 200 yards or less.

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