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Figure 1-7.-Angle between two lines. We obtain this result by using the trigonometric identity for the tangent of the difference between two angles. 2. Find the acute angle between two lines whose slopes are m, = 0 and m2 = 1. (m, = 0 signifies that line L, is horizon�tal and the formula still holds.)

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To get up on the roof, a person (mass 70.0 kg) places a 6.00-m aluminum ladder (mass 10.0 kg) against the house on a concrete pad with the base of the ladder 2.00 m from the house. The ladder rests against a plastic rain gutter, which we can assume to be frictionless. The center of mass of the ladder is 2.00 m from the bottom.

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18) A uniform ladder 12 meters long rests against a vertical frictionless wall, as shown in the figure. The ladder weighs 400 N and makes an angle = 51 ° with the floor. A man weighing 874 N climbs slowly up the ladder. When he is 78 m from the bottom of the ladder, it just starts to slip.

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A ladder 15m long makes an angle of 60 degree with the wall . Find the height of the wall from the point the l… Get the answers you need, now!

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Since angle A is 30 greater than angle B then A = B + 30 o. The sum of all angles in a triangle is equal to 180 o. (B+30) + B + B = 180. Triangle ABC, shown below, has an area of 15 mm 2. Side AC has a length of 6 mm and side AB has a length of 8 mm and angle BAC is obtuse.

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