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Grafana supports various storage backends for your time series data, this is what is called Data Source. # ansible-playbook grafana-datasource.yml. PLAY [Add data source to...

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Hello. I recently deployed a small openstack-cluster of 9 nodes and now i am trying to get grafana + gnocchi working. the services seem to run fine but i am unable to figure out the connections settings of the grafana data source. cors is enabled and is configured with the vip as origin.

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Install the Ansible Service Broker (ASB), which requires OpenShift v3.9 or later. ... Grafana is an analytics platform that allows you to query, visualize, alert on ...

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Ansible role to set up (the latest version of) Grafana in Debian-like systems. Tags. ansible debian grafana graphs monitoring server ubuntu. In a Nutshell, ansible ...

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Version 3.6.121 bring a few fixes but also a breaking change - please read carefully:<br /><br />Feature improvements:<br /><br />- Artifact templating introduces a new concept - the artifacts per job, when copying the template artifacts job keys are being concatenated to artifact names. Aug 29, 2017 · Grafana is a well-known and broadly used solution for KPI dashboards and performance monitoring. Since version 4 it also includes alerting module designed in “zabbix way”, alerts can be triggered when specific metric is equal/above/below defined value for the time of choice.

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