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Jun 26, 2020 · Antigone Parados/Prologue/ Scene 1-2 🎓questionCompare the syntax of Antigone and Ismene in lines 1-10 What do Antigone's quick sentences reveal about her character and what does Ismene's

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Antigone Reading Guide Prologue, Parados, Scene 1 and Ode 1. Answer each question in a complete sentence. Prologue and Parados (pp. 1022): Teiresias is a blind prophet. How important might the detail of the prophet’s blindness be to the story? 2. Based on the first lines of the play, how are Antigone and Ismene’s personalities different? 3 ... Antigone: Scene 3 . Choragos: Hannah Harrington Creon: Jennifer Devries Haimon: Jessica Thayer Choragos: Hey, King Creon, your last son Haimon is here to see you. Do you think he might be stopping by because he’s mad at you?

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PROLOGUE SUMMARY - Play begins IN MEDIUS REX alike to Oedipus (middle of action). - Antigone sets out background information - reminds the audience of the curse of Oedipus' family and the decree Creon has set out that no one shall bury or even mourn Polynices as a traitor to the city. - Implores Ismene to share the labour and bury him.

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Ismene Prologue Page: 1105 Lines: 52-54 This quote from the prologue states the civil disobedience of Antigone. This line, said by Ismene, questions her sister because she did not expect her to disobey the law. Antigone does not care the law of men, but only for the law of the gods, while Ismene follows the laws of men. Mar 05, 2020 · Aim for a prologue with one to two scenes. Most prologues are successful if they are short and to the point. Try to use only one to two scenes in the prologue, as too many scenes can make the prologue feel too long and drawn out. Often, using one powerful scene as the prologue can be very effective and draw the reader in right away.

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