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Oct 20, 2020 · A player riding the Slime Mount A player bouncing on a dummy The Slimy Saddle is a mount-summoning item. When used, it summons a friendly Slime Mount. The Slime offers increased jump height (21 tiles) and movement speed (20 mph), decreases fall damage by half, and enables floating on water surfaces and continuous auto-jump by holding the ↷ Jump key. On the Desktop version,Console version ...

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How to Add Players To Your Whitelist While You Are In Game. If your server is whitelisted and you would like certain players to join your server, while keeping others off, you'll need to update your whitelist.

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Mojang was unhappy about this, and so in 1.7.6 made very strict player entity validation requirements. One of these requirements is that any player entity that spawns must be in the tablist at the time it's spawned. Unfortunately, this means Citizens NPCs must appear momentarily in the tablist when they spawn into view.

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# your view distance would be at 4. # (!) In order for this to work, please set your view distance in # both & spigot.yml to the minimum view distance you # want to set. max-chunks: 5000 # (!) Try making it larger progressively. Sometimes it's safe to limit it # at a smaller view distance. max-view: 12 #LagMeasures Config lag ...

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