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Only during the release function of the parking brake do we see intermittent excessive noise which generates a fault code within the EPB system referring to the LH parking brake actuator. The application of the parking brake does not generate noise or induce a fault code. The LH parking brake actuator has been replaced.

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Apr 18, 2007 · I’m trying to bleed a hydraulic hand brake fitted to my rally car it's got 2 reservoirs one on the pedal master cylinder and one on the handbrake master cylinder. The outlet from the handbrake master cylinder is t’d into the rear brake circuit halfway along the transmition tunnel, and the car has a bias pedal box with 2 master cylinders, one for the front circuit and one for the rear. I ...

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To properly bleed the brakes, start by acquiring about sixteen ounces of fresh brake fluid. An unopened can has a long shelf life, but an opened You'll need a box wrench that fits the bleeder bolt, as a crescent wrench or vise-grip could strip off the edges of the bolt and make it impossible to loosen.

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The parking function varies greatly among hydraulic brake systems. Many light-duty vehicles with rear drum brakes use a passenger-car type lever-and-cable setup. A ratcheted lever or

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Codes might be stored for a sudden loss of hydraulic pressure. If you are bleeding the ABS or master cylinder, use a scan tool to actuate the valves in the ABS HCU to remove all the air. Parking Brake. The Venza uses a drum-in-hat parking brake. The parking brake is applied using a foot pedal.

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On loose or uneven road surfaces, operation of the anti-lock brake system may result in a longer stopping distance than for vehicles equipped with a conventional brake system. CAUTION. If the ABS warning light is on and stays on, you may have a problem with the ABS. In this case, however, your regular brakes will work normally. In that case, you may want to bleed the brakes and replace the fluid. So I basically pull the parking brake pedal with my arm. And it takes 1 second. Every time the car is turned off, the electronic parking brake sets automatically.

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