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Btrfs Feature Summary 1/2 • Extents ‒ Use only what's needed ‒ Contiguous runs of disk blocks • Copy-on-write ‒ Never overwrite data! ‒ Similar to CoW in VMM • Snapshots ‒ Light weight ‒ At file system level ‒ RO / RW • Multi-device Management (no L3 yet) ‒ mixed size and speed ‒ on-line add and remove devs • Object ...

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Populate with data until one of three devices is nearly full, but no enospc has occurred. 2. Poweroff, remove /dev/sdb (devid 1), replace with new device 3. Poweron 4. # mount /dev/sdc -o degraded # btrfs device add /dev/sdb /mnt Actual result: Performing full device TRIM (6.00GiB) …

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- Btrfs: only update disk_i_size as we remove extents (bsc#1089209). - Btrfs: qgroup: return EINVAL if level of parent is not higher than child's (bsc#1089012). - Btrfs: remove deleted xattrs on fsync log replay (bsc#1089008). - Btrfs: remove empty block groups automatically.

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Aug 11, 2015 · I was able to create a raid5 volume with a BTRFS filesystem. I can define shares and copy data in them. I rebooted the system and everything works OK. Apparently the BTRFS functionality is in the .PAT file. However I am not able to manage snapshots and other functionality of BTRFS from the DSM-GUI. (all CLI items seem to be present and working)

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* the btrfs_device struct should be fully filled in */ int btrfs_add_device (struct btrfs_trans_handle * trans, struct btrfs_root * root, struct btrfs_device * device) {int ret; struct btrfs_path * path; struct btrfs_dev_item * dev_item; struct extent_buffer * leaf; struct btrfs_key key; unsigned long ptr; root = root-> fs_info-> chunk_root ...

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Let's assume that you don't have a physical device failure (which is a different set of tools -- mount -odegraded, btrfs dev del missing). First thing to do is to take a btrfs-image -c9 -t4 of the filesystem, and keep a copy of the output to show josef. Then start with -orecovery and -oro,recovery for pretty much anything.

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