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1964-65 Buick vehicle identification number (vin) decoder reveals the vehicles series, model, plant, and production.

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The engine serial number will also be stamped on the block somewhere nearby. Buick was powered by a L-8 (eight in a row makes 'em go) in all models up to and including 1952. In 1953 the V-8 (nailhead) was introduced in all models except the Special which continued to use the 263 inch L-8 for...

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1955 Buick Identification. Do you want to learn more about your '55 Buick? You can enter information from your serial number and your body tag to learn what your Buick was when it left the factory. You can even find out where the factory was located!

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Buick has been around for over a 100 years, providing drivers with a solid combination of luxury and dependability. Founded by David Dunbar Buick in 1903, the first Buick car to be completed was the two-cylinder Model B a year later. 1907 saw the arrival of the first Buick to boast a four-cylinder engine, the Model D. William C. Durant purchased the Buick Motor Company soon after to become ... Buick 1993 LeSabre Manual Online: Vehicle Identification Number (Vin). \ ENGINASSEMBLY CODE MODEL YEAR PLANT This is the legal identifier for your Buick. appears on the Vehicle Certification and Service Parts. labels and the certificates of title and registration. Engine Identification.

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Mar 03, 2016 · While the production Nailhead V8 used a conventional 90-degree bank angle, it offered a number of novel features as well. Let’s dive straight in for a closer look. The original 322 CID, 172 hp V8 that arrived in 1953 set the pattern for all the Buick Nailhead V8 engines to follow through 1966.

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Engine identification casting numbers on in-line eight-cylinder engines produced from 1935 to 1952 are on the right side crankcase. Buick Series 40 and 50 feature stamped numbers on the passenger side near the front of the engine. Series 60, 70, 80 and 90 are on the right side near the rear of the engine. The engine block date code can be found cast into the rear of the block as shown in the pic above. (a bright light and cleaning this area with brake cleaner helps if engine is still in car) One side will have the block casting code and the other will have a date code. This is the date for when the block was casted.

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