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A presentation from three different University of Pittsburgh campuses highlighting the ways they are addressing library anxiety and supporting first-year students through outreach

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Catalytic Converter. While catalytic converters will often last the life of a vehicle, they occasionally will fail. The best thing you can do is be alert for signs of trouble, such as: reduced fuel efficiency, lack of acceleration when you step on the gas pedal, difficulty starting, emissions test failure, or the dreaded "Check Engine" light.

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G-Sport is the only purpose-built, high performance catalytic converter solution. Our universal line of G-Sport Emissions Systems Catalytic Converters are designed to support the growing high performance aftermarket. To simplify your decision, our converter models target applications based on vehicle horsepower and exhaust sizing.

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recycle bad catalytic converter<img src="" alt="recycle bad catalytic converter ... Replacing a catalytic converter with a straight pipe is one traditional example of tampering. Likewise, overriding the OBD system through the use of high-tech I recently moved to Pennsylvania from out-of-state. Is my out-of-state emissions inspection sticker valid in PA? No. A vehicle newly registered in...

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A missing or damaged catalytic converter will result in much higher levels of pollutants in car exhaust. Casper's sold over 44,000 O 2 Sims before further sales of these illegal "defeat devices" were halted as a result of EPA's investigation and follow-up enforcement action.

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Get the Ford Transit MWB 350 L2 RWD 2.0 EcoBlue 170ps H2 Trend on a Personal or Business Lease, from as little as £303.35, and with FREE UK delivery.

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