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One theory is that in its molecular form (that is, when bonded to other atoms), the 2s and 2p orbitals mix to form hybrid orbitals-in this case, sp 3 hybrid orbitals. This type of hybrid orbital is one-quarter s -like and three-quarters p -like (because these orbitals are a mix of one s orbital and three p orbitals).

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May 23, 2012 · They diï¬ er by the presence of a small admixture of the orbitals of the Cu atom LUMO and the methyl substituents in LUMO+1. The HOMO and HOMOà 1 orbitals are dominated by the orbitals of (pseudo)halogen anions with a small admixture of the orbitals of the Cu atoms and, only in the case of the HOMO, orbitals of the phosphane ligands.

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1. propene CH3-CH2=CH2 The C in CH3 is sp3 CH2's are sp2 the double bond uses p orbitals to make a double bond. sp3 and sp2 are hybrid orbitals and even though there is an "s" it is not a pure "s." 2. agree with above. 3. yes the H on the sp carbon in hexyne is acidic. The CH3CH2MgBr attacks it. You can think of CH3CH2MgBr as CH3CH2-. The two sp-hybrid orbitals (each of which consists of Two lobes, one big and one small) lie along a straight line and thus make an angle of 180° with each other. The two 2p orbitals which are left in their original state lie in different planes at right angles to each other and also to the hybridised orbitals (Fig. 36.11 ).

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Aug 28, 2009 · And a quick note on terminology: the orbitals are named 's', 'p' and 'sp3' etc. but the bonds are called 'sigma' or 'pi', depending on their source. * A more advanced description is available at: UC Davis - Hybrid Orbitals And a good explanation is also available at: Organic Chemistry (Carey). The Carey book is an excellent resource for organic ...

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(i) All the atoms directly attached to the carbon atoms of double bond lie in the same plane. For example, in CH2 = CH2 all the six atoms (2 carbon atoms and 4 hydrogen atoms) lie in the same plane. (ii) Only the unhybridised p-orbitals perpendicular to the plane of the molecule from pi bonds.

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