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In this graph, the frequency is 4 Mhz when vcc = 1.8 Volt, but in the other reply in this topic the crystal speed is approximately 7.8Mhz when Vcc = 1.8 Volt. @25°C which one is right?by the way, I use rc internal oscillator, not external oscillator.

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VCC 5 SDA 6 1 2 ADDR 2 GND 3 INT 5 SCL 4 SDA 6 VDD 1. Title: SparkFun_ESP8266_Thing.sch Created Date: 5/21/2015 9:34:37 PM ...

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VCC Voltage During Start-up In the controller ICE2QS01, a power cell is integrated. As shown in Figure 2, the power cell consists of a high voltage device and a controller, whereby the high voltage device is controlled by the controller. The power cell provides a pre-charging of the VCC capacitor till VCC voltage reaches the VCC turned-on

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