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Jul 26, 2016 · Decawave offers IR-UWB wireless technology for precise location and connectivity applications that can identify the specific location of any object or person within a guaranteed indoor location ...

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UWB systems (Ubisense, Bespoon and Decawave) under the same6experimental conditions, in Ubisense tags. Each sensor independently determines both the132 azimuth and elevation Angle of...

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UWB Air Interface Michael McLaughlin (Decawave), Dalibor Pokrajac (GuardRFID), Adrian Jennings Example link budget / crystal tolerance • Consider the case where a mobile tag is transmitting to a...

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The DW1000 is a fully integrated single chip Ultra Wideband (UWB) low-power low-cost transceiver IC compliant to IEEE802.15.4-2011. It can be used in 2-way ranging or TDOA location systems to locate assets to a precision of 10 cm. It also supports data transfer at rates up to 6.8 Mbps TWR (Two-way Ranging) protocol implementation based on Decawave DW1000 chipset. IMU data fusion and motion-specific fields from WiBeat UWB devices. Configurable frequencies: 3.5-6.5 GHz; Configurable data rates and ranges: 110 Kbps, 6.8 Mbps.

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Ultra-Wideband Installations. The tag can be attached to the headphone, to the device itself or to the user's body. The extra tag is necessary because the smartphone does not have any UWB hardware...

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Sewio UWB Tags Feature Matrix. Features and Sensors Explained. Motion Detection: Turns the... Decawave UWB Radio providing true location via an API Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for firmware updatesVới UWB, chúng ta có thể đo lường được thời gian mà tín hiệu di chuyển từ bộ truyền tới bộ nhận, từ đó tính toán được khoảng cách chính xác cao tới cm. Với phương pháp này cho phép thông tin khoảng cách chính xác và chất lượng cao hơn so với các phương pháp dựa trên độ mạnh tín hiệu.

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