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HDX-175BA Aliphatic Isocy... Aliphatic Isocyanate Doxu HDX-175BA is Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI) hardener same grade as Desmodur N75 BA

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Hardener F: according to the authors Hardener F is a Desmodur N 3900-comparable Japanese product, > 99 % HDI homopolymer. Desmodur products used in patch testings Desmodur H, Desmodur N75 MPA/X, Desmodur N 3200, Desmodur N 3390 BA, Desmodur N 3300, and Desmodur N 3900.

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脂肪族烴类不适合作溶剂。但是,德士模都n3390之特点为与石油溶剂有很好之稀释性(较德士模都n3200好,比n75更好)。 同大多数德士模都类型一样,不应将德士模都n3390稀释至固含量低于40%黏和容量较低的溶液在长时间储存后可能会混浊及产生沉淀。

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DesmodurN 100、N75、N3200、N3400、N3600及DesmodurZ4470类脂肪族聚异氰酸酯;DesmodurL、HL和IL类芳香族聚异氰酸酯;Desmophen670类聚酯多元醇;DesmophenA类聚丙烯酸酯。但是须测试所配溶液的相溶性。 脂肪族烴类不适合作溶剂。但是,德士模都n3390之特点为与石油溶剂有很好之稀释性(较德士模都n3200好,比n75更好)。 同大多数德士模都类型一样,不应将德士模都n3390稀释至固含量低于40%黏和容量较低的溶液在长时间储存后可能会混浊及产生沉淀。

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Apr 14, 2020 · Desmodur® VP. PU1332 Desmodur® 70WF37 View more (161) Access Reliable Product Information . Database of 77491 Coatings Ingredients, reviewed and updated daily.

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desmodur n3300 tds. pin. CN101395193B - Resorcinol resin-blocked isocyanates and their Figure CN101395193BD00061: pin. Desmodur N 3300 - polski trend Desmodur N 3300 ... Aliphatic & Aromatic Isocyanate (Desmodur N-75 / L-75 / N-3390 / IPDI) Voractive DVV 6010 Isonate 143 L

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