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Description. Ensure Windows tray items created by an Electron app show up in the toolbar, not the customization area. Keywords. electron; windows; tray

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The NativeImage Instance is specially designed for Electron applications to create system tray, dock, taskbar, and application icons using PNG or JPG files. description: String This parameter provides a description for the overlay icon which will be provided to Accessibility screen readers.

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A URL to an ICO file to use as the application icon (displayed in Control Panel > Programs and Features). Defaults to the Atom icon. setupIcon: The ICO file to use as the icon for the generated Setup.exe: setupExe: The name to use for the generated Setup.exe file: setupMsi: The name to use for the generated Setup.msi file: noMsi

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A simple system tray application for notifying about unseen e-mail: ftilde: cbatticon-git: 0.r116.7ee9555-1: 9: 0.00: A lightweight and fast battery icon that sits in your system tray: valr: cbatticon-gtk2: 1.6.10-1.1: 3: 0.00: Lightweight battery icon for the system tray (gtk2) bidulock: cbatticon-gtk3-git: 1.6.10.r0.ge4b1ec6-1: 2: 0.00

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Find the, usually in node_modules/electron/dist; Open the information window; Select the icon on the top left corner (gray border around it) Paste the icon via cmd+v; Enjoy your icon during development :-) Actually it is a general thing not specific to electron. You can change the icon of many macOS apps like this.

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Ramme basiert auf dem Electron-Framework und ist letztlich nichts anderes als ein Web-Wrapper, der aber meiner Meinung nach sehr gut an das jeweilige System angepasst ist – könnte fast schon eine native App darstellen. Ihr könnt euren Instagram-Feed verfolgen, Kommentare absenden, Bilder liken. Mar 10, 2020 · function systemTrayIcon (win) {const icon = new QIcon (path. resolve (__dirname, iconImg)); const tray = new QSystemTrayIcon (); tray. setIcon (icon); tray. show (); // Menu that should pop up ...

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