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These are the main methods of the Worksheet class. Sheets.Delete - Deletes the object. Sheets.Select - Selects the object. Activate - Makes the current sheet the active sheet. Worksheets("Sheet1").Activate. Delete - Deletes the object. Select - Selects the object. Worksheets.Delete - Deletes the object. Worksheets.Select - Selects the object ...

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Oct 28, 2017 · I have a workbook that has daily sheets that i need to email from a list in Address sheet. I want to Attatch the Active Sheet as an Attatchment and then from the same sheet to select a range of cells to be in the body of the email. The idead is when the email is received the attachment is there to open and the body of the email has some detail

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A Quick Guide to the VBA Worksheet. The following table gives a quick run down to the different worksheet methods. Note: I use Worksheets in the table below without specifying the workbook i.e.Worksheets rather than ThisWorkbook.Worksheets, wk.Worksheets etc.

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Apr 12, 2012 · In Excel 2010, you can use Slicers to change the filters in several pivot tables, with a single click. If you don't have Excel 2010, or don't want to use Slicers, you can use programming to change multiple pivot table filters with a single click. Yes, it's more work than adding a Slicer, but better … Continue reading "Change Pivot Table Filter All Sheets or Active Sheet"

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If you would want to connect the Quarter slicer to the Month slicer, you would need some VBA which, after selecting a month, sets the associated Quarter in the Quarter slicer. The code below isn't that smart, it just syncs Year, Quarter and Month slicers, assuming you did all of the slicers pivottable connections correctly.

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Now, here's the annoying thing. Suppose we delete the last 4 rows, and press CTRL + END again. - the last cell that was populated (but isn't now) is selected. To reset the used range, we need to resort to using VBA. If this code is in the worksheet's macro module, and is run, pressing CTRL + END will now go to the correct cell. VBA Select. It is very common to find the .Select methods in saved macro recorder code, next to a Range object..Select is used to select one or more elements of Excel (as can be done by using the mouse) allowing further manipulation of them.

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