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These elements have a shiny gray-white appearance. They are good conductors of electricity and have higher melting and boiling points than the alkali metals. Melting points range from 650° to 1,287°C and boiling points range from 1,090° to 2,471°C.

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Search results for nerolin at Sigma-Aldrich. ... Boiling Point (°C) 201 - 300 (4) Melting Point (°C) 26 - 50 (1) 51 - 75 (4) Host Species.

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The melting rates (curve slopes) were obtained by linear regression (R 2 > 0.98). The initial melting times (intersection to "xx" axis) was similar for all ice creams. The lower and higher melting times were obtained for the formulations based on the hydrogenated vegetable fat/glucose syrup and palm fat/fructose syrup, respectively.

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Summarily stating "the lower melting point of LiCl compared to NaCl is the result of the ionic LiCl having partial covalent character due to the high polarizing power of the Li+ cation due to its high charge density" OWTTE (or words to that effect) will gain you full marks for the question. That's all Cambridge requires as an explanation at A ...

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Second row hydrides generally have higher than expected boiling points for their position on the periodic table. true The molar volume of a certain form of solid lead is 18 cm³/mol. Assuming cubic closet packed structure, determine the following: The number of Pb atoms per unit cell.

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The metal with the lowest melting point is Mercury - the only metallic element with a melting point (-40oC) below room temperature (20oC). Then there's gallium (which melts at 86oF (30oC) which ... Melting Point: Unknown Boiling Point: Unknown Number of Protons/Electrons: 106 Number of Neutrons: 157 Classification: Transition Metal Crystal Structure: Unknown Density @ 293 K: Unknown Color: Unknown Other Names: Unnilhexium (Unh), Rutherfordium (Rf), Seaborgium (Sg) Atomic Structure

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