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Related Questions to study. What will be the equivalent resistance of circuit shown in figure between points A and D? A set of n identical resistors, each of resistance R ohm, when connected in series have an effective resistance of X ohm and when the resistors are connected in...

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Consider the setup shown of two ideal ohmic resistors. Resistor 1 has resistance , and resistor 2 has resistance . They are connected in series with a constant voltage of magnitude . When the two resistors are connected in this way, they form a system equivalent to a single resistor of resistance , as shown in the next diagram.

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The equivalent resistance will always be between the smallest resistance divided by the number of resistors, and the smallest resistance. Here's an example. You have three resistors in parallel, with values 6 ohms, 9 ohms, and 18 ohms. The smallest resistance is 6 ohms, so the equivalent resistance must be between 2 ohms and 6 ohms (2 = 6 /3 ...

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Sep 20, 2012 · a) equivalent resistance with respect to what? I'll assume it is with respect to the battery. The 20 and 30 are in series, total 50. that is in parallel with R2, total 50•20/(50+20) = 1000/70 = 14. That is in series with the remaining two, total 14+15+10 = 39 ohms. b) I = E/R = 24/39 amps. you can do the rest. All you need is ohms law. When a 5Ω resistor and two resistors R1 and R2 of unknown value are used in a circuit as shown below, if the values shown on ammeters A1 and A2 And when you have resistors in series, you just add 'em up to figure out the equivalent resistance. So this would be divided by 2.0 ohms plus four...

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As shown in Figure 2-6, if a positive tensile strain occurs on gauges R2 and R3, and a negative strain is experienced by gauges R1 and R4, the total output, VOUT, would be four times the resistance of a single gauge. In this configuration the stain gauge tempeature changes are compensated. The Chevron Bridge circuit

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Part B.2.a Find the resistance equivalent to and Find the resistance equivalent to the connection between and . Express your answer in ohms. If you replace the resistors and with their equivalent resistor (of resistance ), the resistor will result in parallel with . Hint B.2.a.i Two resistors in series Consider two resistors of resistance , and ...

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