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DCC communication with a target under OpenOCD + FT2232 JTAG. FT232H zero data loss based on FT245 Fifo Asynchronous mode. This video shows the speed testing of the FTDI USB chip FT232H using the FT245 FIFO Asynchronous mode.

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I would like to say, i have been having issues left and right with cable FT232H (C232HM-DDHSL). I was able to get a FT2232H MiniModule board and it works flawlessly with openOCD/GDB (even with 20cm jumper cables!). Just as @Dolu1990 said. Command:

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OpenOCD dispone de scripts para varios interface entre los cuales se encuentra nuestra placa programadora. ... ft232h ftdi 1500000 0 x0403 :0 x6014 : ...

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Luckily for all o f us, FTDI released the lovely FT232H chipset which does support all of them in one-single-chip. Hurray! ... sudo openocd -f ft232h_jtag-swd.config -f target_device.cfg ...

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Oct 11, 2019 · from datasheet of BK3254 bluetooth module, we know that CPU is BA22, there is posibility that cpu in bk8000L is the same, so I searched "ba22 openocd" and found this post:

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OpenOCD † ESP32 を FT232H でつないで OpenOCD+GDBでデバッグ; OpenOCD; OCDというのはOn Chip Debugerのことで,これを使うといろいろなマイコンのCPUにプログラムを書き込んだり,デバッグができるようになるソフトのことである

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