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The coils are inexpensive, so I would not hesitate to replace one with marginally low resistance. If the replacement modules are failing in a manner that prevents the engine from starting, and the replacements are of good quality, I’d ask your service tech to take a very close look at the wiring connector that attaches to the module.

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JT&T (2770F) 2-Wire GM Alternator Harness Pigtail Adapts Older GM (SI Series) to Newer GM (CS Series) w/o Alternator Warning Light, 1988 - 1995 Price: $6.02 Use this style adapter if vehicle is w/o alternator warning light or if vehicle has voltage gauge & no warning light.

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LV Wire Coil • MV Wire Coil • HV Wire Coil • Redstone Wire Coil • Steel Cable Coil • Hemp Rope Coil. 8 Dec - Our CurseForge account has now been restored so our packs should now be available in the CurseForge app again.

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How do I Test a GM Coil Pack? Find the male spade terminal parts on the coil pack. They will be the two metal parts in the middle that are smaller than the rest of the ones found on the pack. Turn the multimeter on. Attach the its red lead to the right terminal, then attach the black lead to the left terminal.

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this is a DIS system right.. spark leaves one side of the coil.. thru the wire and plug. thru the head and block to get to the paired spark plug to get back thru the second module and up to the other coil terminal.. if you have an open. or too much resistance. it can take the ground wire back thru the module to get to the coil primary.

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Although I have replaced every ignition parts on my 87 GN, but still maintain the original ignition and coil pack. The car has over 80,000 miles runs great, but at start up has a once and awhile a miss. I'm also in the process of replacing both ignition and coil pack with the original AC unit.

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