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My dear Suga- Part 1 (Pairings Daichi x Suga) This is my first fanfiction. Hope you like it. Please review ! ;) Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu! "THUD !" The ball hit the gym floor. "HINATAAA! YOU DIVED TOO SOON! WHEN WILL YOU LEARN TO RECEIVE !" demanded Nishinoya. "Gomen. Senpai !" squeaked Hinata. "One more."

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Suga: Suga was your first boyfriend - at least your first real boyfriend. You were very new to this whole being-affectionate-to-one-another thing that couples do. On top of that, you said physical affection made you uncomfortable so Suga respected that and tried to show you he cared in different ways.

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#kagetsukihina #hinata shouyou #kageyama tobio #tsukishima kei #haikyuu rarepair #haikyuu!! fanfiction #haikyuu!! #esselle writes #essie's hq fic #ive been very quiet on here while i work on zine stuff! #but i'll be back~ <3

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This is an event I wanted to introduce to y'all because I want to read fanfiction from y'all lol. This is for the rare-pair lovers and multishippers!! This will be from December 13th to the 25th (like, those are the main days, but you can post whenever you'd like/can! I just want to read some fanfics of your favourite Haikyuu Rare-Pairs ...

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Daisuga HAIKYUU - Vacation - Wattpad. Daisuga HAIKYUU Romance. Hi this is a Daichi x Suga so if you don't like it dont read it. Thank you! #cute #daichi #daisuga #fy #gay #haikyuu #love #ship #sugawara. Vacation 6.1K 102 276. by AisuruSnow. by AisuruSnow Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share.

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This is an appreciation post for the fanfic authors who aren’t included on rec lists. For the fanfic authors who don’t get art of their fics. For the fanfic authors who can’t get to 1000/500/100 hits. For the fanfic authors who don’t get comments/reviews. For the fanfic authors who write for small fandoms Inspired by @haikyuu_traaash on Instagram Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you. The cold kitchen tile cooled their bare feet as the two rocked slowly back and forth. Oikawa softly hummed to the tune of the song and closed his eyes.

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