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Previously Viewed. clear. How long should a york flame sensor last? Unanswered Questions. If the unit is propane or gas, the flame sensor may be bad or not in the flame long enough to "lock" the circuit on. Some units require you to hold the pilot on for 10-15 seconds to heat the sensor enough to...

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They last a very long time. ... Proven 2,000-2,500 btu pilot or "mini burner" with interrupted spark ignition and air-cooled UV sensor for enhanced reliability.

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Modern Hyundai cars are filled with a raft of sensors that monitor how each system in the car is functioning. The lights on the dashboard display what systems are in use and they also highlight when one of those systems is not working as it should.

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Dec 30, 2020 · What are Radars and How Do They Work? Radar is an acronym that stands for Radio Detection and Ranging. Radar systems create radio waves, a form of electromagnetic energy that can be directed out into the air where the signals produced travel at the speed of light – roughly 186,000 miles per second, or 3.08 x 10 8 meters per second.

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Inside the fuel filter is a fluid level sensor that keeps track of the amount of water that has been collected. Once the level starts reaching maximum capacity, the fuel filter warning light will illuminate to let you know to empty the filter. On manual systems, a valve at the bottom of the filter will let the water drain out once opened.

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you are right about the flame sensor, I was thinking of a Miller, as far as it being part of the board, somebody else was talking about that, but you still are incorrect about the flame sensor being the problem.if the burner was dropping out after 4-5 seconds, then I would agree with you , however it is running 1-5 minutes, that tells me maybey uneven gas flow, or still bad air flow

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