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A full rotor or drum replacement (including new brake pads or brake shoes) costs $350-$1200 per axle. Your price will depend on your vehicle and location. For other brake services, start with a Midas 55-point brake inspection.

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I also had one battery with a shorted cell that i dumped the acid into a container and flushed out the battery with distilled water and poured the acid back. This was a new battery put in a car and sat for a year. When the car went back into service the cell shorted out and it was given to me. That battery is in like new condition now.

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While out on your drive, bring the engine up to 3,000 RPM and then coast back down to 20 MPH about five or six times. Next, bring it up to 5,000 RPM and then coast back down to 20 MPH a couple of times. To play it safe, drive the next 500 miles without exceeding 5,000 RPM.

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Mar 21, 2020 · During the break-in period, typically the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km), keep your speed under 55 mph (88 kpm) or to the speed recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Avoid heavy loads on the drive...

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Sep 24, 2020 · It should be expected that car dealerships will give you plenty of opportunities to take full advantage of the tax break by offering car deals for less than $150,000 after 12 March 2020 or $30,000 ...

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Jul 29, 2016 · The older your car is, the less appealing it will be to dealers. Models like this 2004 Honda Accord will likely be worth substantially more to a private-party buyer.


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