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A triangle is formed by the coordinates A (2, 1) B (4, 1) and C (1, 6). It is rotated clockwise through 90 0 about the origin. Find the coordinates of this image.

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A B C A∗ B∗ C∗ γ ω Figure 8.2A. A line inverts to a circle through O, and vice versa. Proposition 8.5. The inverse of a line not passing through O is a circle γ passing through O. Furthermore, the line through O perpendicular to passes through the center of γ. Proof. Let ∗be the inverse of our line. Because P∞ lies on ,wemusthaveO ...

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Since the scale factor is 2, the corresponding point in the image B' is twice that distance from O and lying on the same line, so OB' is 2 times 12, or 24. Note that if the scale factor is less than 1, then the image points are closer to the center of dilation to create an image smaller than the original.

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This will test your knowledge of proving triangles congruent, corresponding parts, isosceles triangles, medians, altitudes, and perpendicular bisectors. There are 20 questions. 20 is an A+. 19 is an A. 18 is an A-. 17 is a B. 16 is a B-. 15 is a C. 14 is a C-. 13 is a D. 12 is a D-. Anything under 12 is a failing score. WARNING: Those who have not taken Geometry or are not currently in ...

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Question: Under A Certain Transformation ABC→ A′B′C′ Such That AB≠A′B′. The Triangles Are: A. Similar But Not Congruent B. Congruent But Not Similar C. Neither Congruent Nor Similar D. Both Congruent And Similar

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similar to, but not congruent to, ^ABC? 3. After the translation that shifts (x;y) to (x + 2;y 2), the image of point B(3;0) lies in Quadrant 4. Under which transformation is size not preserved? A. translation B. re ection C. dilation D. rotation 5. In the diagram below, ^A0B0C0is a transformation of ^ABC, and ^A00B00C00is a transformation of ... ∆A’B’C’ is the image of ABC under a reflection. a. Write the transformation rule: (x, y) (___, ___) b. Explain why the two triangles are congruent.

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