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Answer-95 1989 Cape Cod Wood Stove.. Elan Wood FS 88 Elan Wood FS/Ins 87 Elan-96 Wood FS 90 Endeavor (380 NT) Endeavor Stove.. FL 82 FL 84 FL 85 FL 86 Fl Wd + Arch Dec.. Fl Wd + Cape Cod.. Flex 88 Flex-95 89 Flush Bay 92-93 Flush Wd Ins Decl Freedom Freedom Bay Freedom Bay (ND).. Freedom Insert.. Leyden Wood 06-12 Lge Fl Wd In Arch.. Liberty ...

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Wood Stove: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Wood Burning Stoves 1. StyleWell Electric Fireplace:* Fi...

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Installing a gas line and either vented or vent-free gas logs will cost from $500 to $2,500. (Note that the cost of installing vent-free gas logs is often about $200 more than the cost for vented.)

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Nov 03, 2014 · And for cleaner air, use a clean-burning gas or wood stove. Older uncertified wood stoves release 15 to 30 grams of smoke particulates per hour (g/h), but new EPA-certified stoves produce just 2 ...

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Top 5 Pellet Stoves Review 2020 . If you’re looking for a new heater for your home, then one of the best options for you is to purchase a pellet heater. A pellet stove is a furnace style fuel burner that burns compressed wood pellets to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial spaces. The Grandview 230 heats up to 2,200 square feet as part of the elegantly efficient Ironstrike Lodge Collection of wood-burning stoves. Ironstrike Stoves have raised the standard for home heating with their proven, Thermal Fin Technology (TFT™). This cast-iron heat exchanger delivers the proper amount of heat with its new technology.

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