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Award winning bamboo flooring, completely non-toxic, formaldehyde free, zero VOC and third-party certified to be safe, durable and eco-friendly. Solid, engineered, strand-woven, hand-scraped, dyed, nail, glue, or float.

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If needed, a visual barrier can be painted on the outside of any glass with non-toxic (eg. water-based acrylic) paint. This barrier should be taller than the length of the tortoise’s shell. All-glass enclosures are difficult to heat and light correctly for a tortoise, and would still need to be modified to add visual barriers.

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Little Knights is a durable, non-toxic water-based paint that conforms fully Toy Safe legislation, meaning that licking and nibbling of the paint will do no harm. Pet-friendly outdoor paint. The Little Knights has UK’s only independently verified 100% VOC-free gloss paint.

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Winner of the Best of Natural Beauty Awards, Surya Brasil's high performance Henna Cream Color is an anti-oxidant rich semi-permanent hair color that infuses hair with lush, vibrant color while nourishing with sustainably harvested botanicals.

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The most popular collection method is to spray gasoline or other toxic chemicals into rattlesnake dens and resting places, which can render a burrow uninhabitable for years. Once introduced into the soil, gasoline could contaminate groundwater—the primary water source for many rural communities—thus poisoning wildlife, livestock, and humans.

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These Small Cars and Trucks in our littlenz series are made so that if cut from 1/2 inch or 12mm material the parts are large enough not to fit through a toilet roll tube, which is considered by most toy makers as safe for small children. But please remember to use non toxic woods and glues and paints when making these wonderful childrens toys!

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