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A loopback cable/plug is a basic troubleshooting tool used to test and isolate network problems. What does a CSU/DSU do? It acts as a translator between LAN data format and the WAN data format.

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In a shorted loopback test environment, the expected value is simply twice the sum of the value expected for the given length. This is a simple test for any advanced field tester. The values will be different for each pair combination, due to the different twist rates between the pairs.

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SC/UPC OS2 Single Mode 9/125 Fiber Loopback Cable. FiberMania’s SC Loopback Cable (9/125) provides a return signal for fiber optic equipment which can be using for testing purposes and isolating any network issues.

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A loop back connector can be used to echo RS232 data transmitted by a serial port back into its own RS232 receiver. In this way, the function of the serial port can be tested. Lantronix - Loopback cable - for SecureLinx SLC16, SLC32, SLC48, SLC8; SLC 8000

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QSFP Loopback Adapters - QSFP loopback adapter modules are used for testing QSFP ports on system boards and QSFP switches. The electrical loopback provides a cost effective method for QSFP port testing. Transmitting data from the host is electrically routed (internally to the loopback module) to the receiving data outputs and back to the host.

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