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Open the door and close it firmly to ensure it is closed properly. Make sure water supply valve to your dishwasher is turned on all the way. Clear any debris that may be caught under the float assembly that is located on the bottom of the dishwasher tub and be sure that it can move up and down freely.

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So after 2 years and 9 mos. of "trouble-free" operation (other than the occasional unbalanced load-it's been very sensitive about how the load is balanced), what's been happening now is that it won't finish the spin cycle and it just cuts power to the drive motor and at the same time the spin light & door lock lights begin flashing.

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If the load is unbalanced, the washer will display this code while running an imbalanced load correction routine at the end of the wash cycle and before the final spin. If the code remains and the wash cycle dial is flashing after the recovery routine has stopped, open lid and redistribute the load.

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Wirlpool door lock, washer ran without water, unlock door, reset washer Is there a reset code for a maytag neptune MAH5500BWW? [ 0 Answers ] It stopped working, everything lights up, but start/ pause is blinking

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Door lock monitor switch does not indicate to the machine control board that the solenoid in the door lock mechanism retracted and unlock the door. 1.Check for debris inside inside the door lock mechanism, which may be jamming the lock solenoid. 2.check wire connections in harness leading from machine control board to door lock mechanism. 3 ...

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