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Could be axle shafts, these are weak points on these trucks and if they didn't put enough grease under the cv boot, you would get this, more of a popping noise but could grind as well. Don't worry the grinding wouldn't last long if it is an axle shaft, the bad news is it will fail if it is.

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Feb 15, 2008 · A driver inexperienced with the 'stately pace' of 240D acceleration can force or rush a shift which can bend/tweak the synchronizer springs and cause gear grinding during shifts. Thing one whacked Nell's synchros in 2nd the first time he drove her.

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Oct 25, 2019 · Grinding The common cause of grinding noise can be traced to operator abuse when engaging the PTO. To properly engage for a mechanically shifted PTO, the operator should depress the clutch and then wait for the transmission gears to come to a stop before engaging the PTO.

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Sep 22, 2019 · Brakes make grinding noise when the caliper is seized Floating calipers must slide easily along the caliper slide pins or they will not apply even braking pressure to the brake pads. Caliper slide pins can corrode and stick the bores, preventing the caliper from applying and releasing properly. MerCruiser : Shifting. No Results To Display. Mercury Outboard Shifting. OMC IO or Inboard Shifting. Volvo Penta Shifting. Engine Noise. Exhaust Bellows.

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Re: '97 4.3 L Mercruiser problem Leon at the machine shop helped us out. When he found the cracks in the old heads he quoted almost $500 each for heads. Gunter, my buddy with the boat, bought some on eBay for around $250 each, $60 shipping. You get what you pay for. Leon had to grind .010" off the exhaust valve stems and .040"-.050" off the ...

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The resulting speed difference between mainshaft and reverse idler gear produces gear noise [grinding]. The reverse gear noise reduction system employs a cam plate which was added to the reverse shift holder. When shifting into reverse, the 5th/reverse shift piece, connected to the shift lever, rotates the cam plate. Jul 01, 2004 · The noise is probably gear rattle. The gears that are not in mesh (not in the torque path thru the tranny when in 2nd or 3rd)) rattle back and forth at the low RPM due to harmonics in the transmission.

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