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Oct 03, 2020 · .308 Nosler Ballistic Tip 165gr: $30.99.308 Federal Vital-Shok Ballistic Tip 150gr: $31.99.308 Federal Gold Medal Sierra Matchking 175gr: $25.99: 7mm-08 Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond 140gr: $44.99: 7mm-08 Federal Vital Shok Nosler Partition 140gr: $35.99: 7mm-08 Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 140gr: $31.99: 7mm-08 Federal Power-Shok JSP 150gr ...

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Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting (9) Varmint & Predator (10) Nosler AccuBond (16) Gold Medal Berger (7) Varmint & Predator Nosler Ballistic Tip (8) HammerDown (2) Power-Shok Copper Rifle (6) Hornady V-Max (3) Swift Scirocco (8) Varmint & Predator Speer TNT Green (3) Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (2) Cape-Shok Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (7)

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Apr 03, 2018 · Scirroco vs Accubond. Thread ... because the Nosler bullet is designed to have the jacket fold tight back against the shank to give penetration like the Partition ...

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You may see a little more damage with a Partition on a lungs only shot than with an Accubond,but that doesn't mean that the Accubond just zipped through without expanding. The Accubond is designed to mushroom but stay together. The Partition is designed so that the front part will shrapnel but the rear will keep penetrating.Jun 27, 2007 · This is my handloaded 160 gr Nosler Accubond from my 7mm Remington Magnum A-bolt. Estimated muzzle velocity >2900 fps, this was a shot at 45 yards and penetrated ~36" from base of neck to hindquarter meat where I found it while slicing jerky meat Saturday.

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Scirroco vs Accubond. Thread starter gatekeeper; Start date ... I prefer the Sirocco over the Nosler AB bullet because the Nosler bullet is designed to have the jacket fold tight back against the shank to give penetration like the Partition which sheds the front core. ... In my Sako, Accubonds are extremely accurate. I've got a fair amount of ...

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Mar 07, 2018 · Federal's Trophy Bonded Tip (TBT) bullet is perhaps my all-time favorite projectile for hunting big game. In 2014 the 180-grain .30 caliber version provided a dozen one-shot kills for me in Namibia, including a superb kudu bull, and in 2015 I used the same bullet to drop a huge public-land bull elk in Utah—a tag that took me 17 years to draw.

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