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Cynipini gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) are commonly known as oak gall wasps for their almost exclusive use of oak ( Quercus spp.; Fagaceae) as their host plant. Previously, only three of the nearly 1,000 species of Cynipini have been recorded from hosts other than Quercus.

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Caption. Leaf galls. Spherical galls on an oak leaf. These galls are produced by the common oak gall wasp, Cynips quercusfolii. A parthenogenetic generation of female wasps emerge from these galls in early winter and they lay their unfertilized eggs in un- developed oak buds.

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May 24, 2017 · These galls and the wasps that create them will not hurt oak trees, yet if the infestation is heavy, premature leaf drop may occur. As a growing plant part, the gall uses available water and ...

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Gall formations have been observed in this area on red oak (cottony gall and apple gall), live oak (gouty oak gall), hackberry (nipple gall), pecan (phylloxera) and live oak (red "berry galls" on the bottom side of leaves). We might as well "enjoy" them. Cynipid gall wasps are a speciose monophyletic radiation that induce structurally complex galls on oaks and other plants. We used a model system comprising the gall wasp Biorhiza pallida and the oak Quercus robur to characterise inducer and host plant gene expression at defined stages through the development of galled and ungalled plant tissues ...

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oak apple gall from an oregon oak that was induced by the california gallfly andricus californicus, andricus quercuscalifornicus. - oak gall stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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