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Running PYTHON (pymite-09) on an Arduino MEGA 2560 using atmega16 micrcontroller; Drawing geometric figures on a PAL TV using ATmega32 (128×64 resolution) AVR based monochrome signal generation for a PAL TV using atmega16 micrcontroller; An attempt to show grayscale images on an LED dot matrix display with software PWM using PIC16F877A

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pcap format was originally created for tcpdump, not Wireshark, so it's older than Wireshark. There are other programs, such as tcpdump and other programs that use libpcap to read files, and recent versions of Microsoft Network Monitor, that can read pcap files.

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Optionally, a secondary IP address can be assigned, but this can only be done from the GUI after the initial configuration has been performed. The remaining network interface cards on the appliance may be used to monitor database traffic, and do not have an assigned IP address.

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