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Mar 07, 2020 · The right hand rule. Thumb – force/motion, First finger – field, second finger – current F = B × I × l A coil of wire carrying a current in a magnetic field experiences a force that makes it rotate.

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The vector of the magnetic B -field inside the solenoid directs along the axis of the solenoid. We determine its orientation by using the right-hand rule. The contributions from opposite sides of each individual turn of the conductor outside of the solenoid act against each other and the field is much less intensive than inside the solenoid.

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Conventional electromagnetics (right-hand rule) makes me think there should be a circular field however no field is created. All the magnetic fields from each infinitesimal piece of wire cancel out in the middle of the torus, so there is no total field. This is because there is no net current in the loop. I don't understand intuitively why this is.

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Right hand grip rule solenoid coil. If I connect this small solenoid to a power supply, we can see that the piston can be pulled in by the electromagnetic field as soon as current starts to flow through the coil. If I cut the power then the spring will force the piston back to it's original position.

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Start studying PHYSICS- Right Hand Rules. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Poles on an electromagnet (Right hand solenoid rule). Charged Particle Moving Through a Magnetic Field (Right or left hand slap rule).Thus, the magnetic eld dB at the center of the solenoid due to the coil of turns dn at a distance x from the center of the coil, points in the +x direction (due to the right-hand rule) and is dB x = µ 0 4π dn 2πR2I (x2 +R2)32 = µ 0 4π N L 2πR2I dx (x2 +R2)32 The total magnetic eld is the sum of the magnetic eld due to each coil from x = −L/2 to x = +L/2

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