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the roof deck, such framing members shall be not less than 3 inches, nominal, in width. Construction Details. 1. Wall plate boxes of self-releasing type, or hangers, shall be provided where beams and girders enter masonry. An air space of 1/2 inch shall be provided at the top, end and sides of the member unless

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The soil used in green roof construction is fire resistant. The different kinds of vegetation that might be found on a green roof range from shallow-rooted succulents, which burn poorly and offer good fire resistance, to more substantial plants on intensive roofs that can include shrubs and trees.

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34. 31 1503 – Communication Tower Grounding Details 35. 31 1504 – Building Grounding Substation Details 36. 31 1505 – Building Grounding Remote Site Details 37. 31 1506 – Guy Tower Grounding Anchor Ground Details 38. 31 1700 Rev. A – Substation Standards Conduit Installation Details 39.

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Since anybody building a house MUST either BE a “ competent person” in terms of the regulations, or must EMPLOY a “competent person” to put in plans and oversee the building operation, either you or the person you employ should purchase the updated section of SANS 10400 Part L Roofs from the SABS to double-check details and ...

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Green roofs offer building owners countless benefits from improved insulation, reduced energy costs, essential waterproofing, clean air, natural wildlife habitats and, of course,… view full range Flat Roofing Insulation:

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Photo about Window lintel construction. Steel roof trusses details with bricklaying frame windows construction. Image of backgrounds, window, exterior - 81818861

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