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The rotational molding process by nature is a stress-free process building in inherent qualities unique to this process. The downside to this advantage is the ability for the material to cool and form non-uniformly. We build custom fixtures that allow our customers to hold tighter tolerances when cooling.

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In the manufacturing process of plastic mould, when engineers determine the tolerance standard of plastic mould, they must have strict operation standard, design plastic mould according to plastic products, analyze its specific application field, collect relevant data about plastic in advance, production operation skills and mould precautions, as well as the requirements for different plastic ...

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Our custom rubber molding services are done entirely with precision steel tooling that we make in our own CNC shop on modern machinery. By using real steel and not temporary tooling, we ensure that our rubber items are made with consistently tight tolerances and you save money because they have the best lifecycle cost. These tools can be made ...

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Rotational Molding F.C.I. offers its capability to develop, design, and manufacture lined metal and solid plastic products and equipment through the use of its ROTATIONAL MOLDING processes. We hope the following will provide a better understanding of rotational molding and its advantages over other molding, lining, and coating methodologies. This advanced capability allowed us to meet tolerances of ±0.10mm throughout the 100,000 we produced. The 3.5 liter bottle featured a textured finish, the customer supplied engineering drawings called out dimensions of 287mm in length, 149mm in in width, 135.5mm in height, and nominal weight of 206b (±5g).

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Start studying ETM 2080 - rotational molding. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and wall thickness & corner radii, draft angles, tolerances & shrinkage, stiffness required...

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Rotational Molding (thermoplastic, cross-linked PVC, HDXL crosslinked ethylene) Thermoplastic Injection Molding in a wide variety of Engineering Grade Materials ASH® Industries’ clients benefit from a collective depth of engineering knowledge, expertise, and perspectives on manufacturing challenges not available elsewhere.

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