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I've been trying to test out the Edit in Office functionality for attachments and encountered a bit of a roadblock. Basically, everything works exactly as anticipated for Word documents, with a new version uploaded for each saved edit. However, I'm unable to upload the edits at all for Powerpoints a...

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Upload a photo to SharePoint from Power Apps. By Microsoft. Instant. 12982 Create planner tasks for important Office 365 emails. By Microsoft . Automated. 12653 ...

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All, another in the saga of excel from sharepoint. I'm attempting to pull data from an excel sheet in a sharepoint folder, but I'm being met with an "Access Denied" window. I've attempted, as best I can to follow the directions here:

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Hide Ribbon SharePoint 2010 based on User Permissions. In case of you need to hide ribbon in SharePoint 2010 using CSS for only Anonymous users / Visitors users, you should do the following : Steps. First, Check the Master Page name assigned to your site. Go to Site Action –> Site Settings –> Look and Feel –> Master Page.

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Mar 07, 2018 · In this article. APPLIES TO: 2013 2016 2019 SharePoint in Microsoft 365 The procedures and the examples in this article assume that SharePoint Server and the Search service application are installed, that there is an existing search topology and that there are items in the SharePoint Server search index.

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Oct 23, 2013 · In SharePoint 2007 you had to use SPWebModification to update the web.config but in SharePoint 2010, all you have to do is add the tags to the solution manifest! Once you’ve incremented the assembly version in the AssemblyInfo.cs, double-click on “Package” to get to the manifest and add the bindingRedirect tags and safeControl entry of ... SharePoint 2013 - General Discussions and Questions https: ... When both of these are checked and I upload a document and Approve the workflow, the Workflow status appears as Approved but the Approval Status says Pending. So if I then click the ellipse and Approve the file, the Approval Status does change to Approved but then the workflow goes ...

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