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on a given microscope, the numerical apertures of the condensor and low power objective lenses are 1.25 and 0.25, respectively, you are supplied with a filter that selects a wavelength of 520 nm. What is the limit of resolution on this microscope? Will you be able to distinguish two points that are 330 nm apart as being separate, or will they blur?

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The optical parts consist of a 'i eyepiece, in and 3 objectives. Fixed in the focus of the eye lens of the ocular is a micrometer divided into tenths of a millimeter. The method of using the instrument is so obvious that it needs no special explanation.- CHARLES R. BARNES, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Rotating mechanism connecting to the head that carries 3-4 objective lenses. ... Usually a compound light microscope has four objectives - Scanning (4x) - Low Power (10x) - High Power (40x) - Oil immersion (100x) Ocular lens(es) Located in the eyepieces at the superior end of the head.

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Pick up your microscope from the trolley and carry it carefully. Most microscopes are broken because they are dropped. Remove the plastic cover - dust and dirt are the enemy of your microscope. Don't put your fingers on the lenses and remember to cover it again after use. Turn the objective lenses so that the lowest power lens is "clicked" into ... An achro- matic single system may con- sist of two or three lenses, and a three or four system objective may consist of as many as seven or eight lenses. The systems are called in their order : anterior or front, mid- dle and posterior. When one consists of two lenses it is called a doublet, when of three lenses a triplet.

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1) The _____ of the microscope carries three or four objective lenses. 1) A) ocular B) base C) nosepiece D) arm Answer: C 2) The ________ is a substage lens that concentrates light on the specimen. 2) A) condenser B) objective lens C) iris diaphragm lever D) light source Answer: A 3) When studying a slide in a microscope, begin focusing with ... A second lens array LA2 is located in the aperture plane and serves as an array of aperture diaphragms. The lenses of the second array LA2 and the condenser lens image the individual field diaphragms to the object plane. Sharp images of the filament appear in the pupil plane of the objective lens.

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