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Cell Biology Video Games, Virtual Labs & Activities. Cell Explorer: The Animal Cell. Explore the microscopic world of the cell in your mini ship! These quizzes can be submitted online to your registered teacher. Please note: A quiz will not end until you have successfully answered all questions.

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Ap Biology Cellular Respiration Lab 5 Answer Key Tip: "Alternate cell respiration lab: I use yeast and measure the production of carbon dioxide and it works well. In fact we test it at different temperatures and with different sugars (sucrose, glucose, and lactose).

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Write the general equation for cellular respiration: 2. Indicate where all the reactants specifically come from. 3. What are the three ways in which you can measure the rate of cellular respiration? 4. Which of those methods is the lab utilizing? 5. Sketch a respirometer and label its important features. 6.

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9JANUARY 27TH Cellular Respiration Intro: POGIL: ATP/ Cellular Respiration Overview Cellular Respiration Animation Activity BEGIN CHAPTER 9 QUESTIONS. WILL BE DUE ON THE DAY OF THE UNIT EXAM... Analyzing the Results 1. What is the equation to determine the rate of respiration? 2. What is x? What is y? 3. Read the respirometers and determine the rate of respiration. Show your calculations on your paper. 4. Answer the four self-quiz questions on your paper. 5. Print this graph and tape it to your paper, then answer the following questions.

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Overview: respiration is a cellular process that happens continuously inside all living organisms. In eukaryotic cells, aerobic respiration takes place in mitochondria (anaerobic in the cytoplasm). During respiration, the energy stored inside glucose is transferred, allowing work to be done inside the cell.

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C. Cellular Respiration 1. The overall equation for cellular respiration is opposite that of photosynthesis: C6H12O6 + 6 O2 = 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + energy 2. When NAD removes hydrogen atoms (H+ + e-) during cellular respiration, the substrate has lost electrons and is therefore oxidized. 3.

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