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thermal decomposition or combustion. Use water spray to keep fire-exposed containers cool. Containers may explode in the heat of a fire. Extinguishing Media: Do NOT use water directly on fire. Use dry chemical to fight fire. Use approved class D extinguishing agents or smother with dry sand, clay, or sodium bicarbonate. Autoignition Temperature:

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Dec 28, 2014 · (3) - the decomposition of ammonium carbonate - total reaction; Both reaction are endothermic - heat must be supplied in order for the reaction to take place. Here's a video of the reaction:

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(Original post by cptbigt) Well the thermal decomposition of potassium nitrate is the equation I posted above. You sure the question doesn't say it decomposes (Original post by charco) Potassium nitrate is the major component of gunpowder - of course it decomposes to release oxygen THAT is why it...

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Thermal stability of carbonates increases in a group as we move from top to bottom and decreases in a period as we move from left to right. so, the correct order of thermal stability of given carbonates is:BeCO3 < MgCO3 < CaCO3 < K2CO3Be, Mg and Ca present in second group and K present in the first group.

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dimensions - TWO 40 ft' containers (process equipment). ONE 40 ft' container - operator's (additional unit). operators - 2 persons. Thermal energy output capability. Autonomous power generation.* Capstone MicroTurbine => pyrolysis gas electricity production.

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By combining direct lithium extraction with renewable geothermal power, Controlled Thermal Resources is setting new benchmarks to provide renewable energy to the western U.S. and to deliver the most sustainable, battery-grade lithium products in the world today.

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