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3.3. Methods of Testing 3.3.1. Insulation resistance (IR) An insulation resistance test, sometimes referred to as a ‘Megger’ test, is used to provide a quantifiable resistance value for the insulation of an asset being tested. Unless otherwise stated, IR tests will be carried out at a test voltage of 5 kV DC, with each test lasting 1 minute.

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The insulation resistance testing procedure given in FIST Volume 3-1 is intended for use on large equipment. For ... cost of the special reactors or transformers

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Insulation resistance measurement complying with standards (e.g., E-CHECK) Test plug adapter for fast, safe insulation resistance measurement – saves up to 50% test time while protecting devices; Simple, individual switchgear unit expansion and conversion


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After doing the repair of the transformer, it was shipped overseas without insulating oil. Prior to that, Insulation resistance tests and Insulation Power Factor test was conducted at reduced voltage of 1 KV. Before shipment, all insulation tests yielded a value of about 5 gigaohms between windings, and windings to ground. Bender offers innovative products and solutions on every aspect of electrical safety: Insulation monitoring, residual current monitoring, Power Quality, changeover modules, measuring relays, monitoring relays, …

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Buy an Insulation Resistance Tester Online at Test Equipment. Perfect for use in accurately measuring the resistance of electrical insulation to ensure safety and efficiency. 1800 837 837

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The insulation resistance test (meggering) is of value for future comparison and also for determining if the transformer is to be subjected to the applied voltage test.The winding insulation resistance test is a DC high voltage test used to determine the dryness of winding insulation system.Insulation Resistance Acceptance Test Values for Motor Windings (1 Minute @ 40°C) a Rated line-to-line voltage for three-phase ac machines, line-to-ground voltage for single-phase machines, and rated direct voltage for dc machines or field windings. b kV is the rated machine terminal to terminal voltage.

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