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¾ Overall hydration transform clay from dry power to plastic slurry ¾ The effectiveness is measured by yield of clay ¾ Yield of clay is defined as the number of barrels of 15 CP mud obtained from 1 ton (2000 lb) of dry clay ¾ Clay yield depends on: purity, nature of atoms in exchangeable layers and salinity of water Bentonite or attapulgite

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triangular cone made of ceramics materials used to measure/determine the heatwork (temperature and time elapsed) in the firing of ceramics. sgraffito Creating a decorative design by scratching through a slip or glaze to expose the clay body.

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Enter the One-Piece Slip Cast, a project that merges Bryan's and Emilia's interests and respective skill sets. One-piece slip casting utilizes technology but still involves plenty of tactile fun. The action takes place in our garage, which Emilia long ago dubbed "The Fab Lab." Bryan worked in Illustrator on a...

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May 28, 2016 - Explore Jim Jarnagin's board "Pottery - Slip-dipped Fabric" on Pinterest. See more ideas about pottery, pottery slips, ceramic sculpture.

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Slip casting is a simple manufacturing process used for ceramic powders, both monolithic and composite. The process is inherently slow, predominantly governed by rheology of the slip and capillary...

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Slip glazes are glazes with slip or clay contributing the primary flux which provides flowing textures, great for overlapping glazes. Read More NG Series

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