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Nov 15, 2013 · "Any Windows user with write permissions on the Windows Event Log can access job steps that are activated by SQL Server Agent alerts or WMI alerts. To avoid this security risk, SQL Server Agent tokens that can be used in jobs activated by alerts are disabled by default. These tokens are: A-DBN, A-SVR, A-ERR, A-SEV, A-MSG., and WMI(property ...

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Oct 16, 2004 · It sometimes happens (and it's not a good sign most of the time): you'd like to stop a Windows Service, and when you issue the stop command through the SCM (Service Control Manager) or by using the ServiceProcess classes in the .NET Framework or by other means (net stop, Win32 API), the service remains in the state of "stopping" and never reaches the stopped phase.

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Note 1: You could filter Get-WmiObject win32_service by appending this command: | Where {$ -NotMatch "__"} Note 2: To digress into the world of WMI, Get-WmiObject has zillions more classes. If you are curious try this: Get-WmiObject -List.

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Thankfully, Windows does have a system we can use; one that will let you be notified if, for example, the SQL Server service stops: WMI Query Language. In fact, you can use WMI Query Language to manage almost all the Windows features, including disk, AD, performance counters, cluster etc. using classes, properties and events. wmic logicaldisk wmic logicaldisk get caption, deviceid, drivetype, filesystem, status, volumename wmic logicaldisk where deviceid="c:" get caption, deviceid wmic pagefile wmic pagefileset wmic memcache wmic memphysical. And finally, WMI is much more powerful than what I have shared here!

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Jan 09, 2015 · WMI Event Query SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 600 WHERE TargetInstance ISA „WIN32_LogicalDisk” AND TargetInstance.Freespace < 10000000000 13. Co zapamiętać • Możemy monitorować cały serwer z jednego miejsca • Alerty WMI wykorzystują Event Notifications oraz Service Brokera • Kolejna opcja do śledzenia co się ...

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Start the WMI service on the host before executing the WMI query. Use the Web console to check the return value. Refer to "Confirming the Operation Component Execution Status/Execution Results" in the Systemwalker Runbook Automation Operation Guidefor details. Dec 02, 2014 · The ManagementEventWatcher object in the System.Management namespace makes it possible to subscribe to events within the WMI - Windows Management Instrumentation - context. A change in the status of a Windows service is such an event and it's possible to get notified when that happens. We saw examples of WMI queries on this blog before…

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