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レジスタ直叩きでPSのGPIO制御. まずは、レジスタ直叩きでGPIO制御してみます。Zynq-7000のテクニカルリファレンスマニュアルを見ると、関連するレジスタは以下の通りでした。 GPIOPSのベースアドレス: 0xE000A000; DATA_0 (Output Data (GPIO Bank0, MIO))のオフセット: 0x00000040

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This post shows you how to find the ".dts," ".dtsi," and ".dtb" files in a PetaLinux build, excluding the ones in the ./build directory. It also lists the files I found in a 2019.1 ZCU102 build.

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Dec 20, 2016 · It does seem like it must be linked to the axi_gpio_0 (attached to the switches) because it is being triggered in the interrupt handler, and the axi_gpio_1 (attached to LED) does not have interrupts enabled.

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5 minute tutorial on how to create a minimal project for the ZCU102 board.I added the "BOOT.bin", "Image" and "system.dtb (renamed from "zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9009. dtb")" files on the root of the BOOT partition. The followings are the process I'm trying (with ADRV9009&ZCU102 Quick Start Guide Building the Zynq/MPSoC UltraScale+ Linux kernel and devicetrees from source): # "Image" and "zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9009.dtb"

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AXI GPIO Used to drive the nRESET port on HI-6300 and monitor the status of the nREADY port. Slice IP Extracts nRESET port from the AXI GPIO IP and routes it to the HI-6300. Concat IP Routes the nREADY port from the HI-6300 into the input of the AXI GPIO IP. Clock Wizard IP Utilize onboard 300 MHz clock to create 100 MHz clock to drive HI-6300 The ZCU102 second UART is typically used by the no-root Jailhouse inmate. English 10 semester b test part 1 I2c multiplexer raspberry pi The Xilinx U-Boot project is based on the source code from The devices that have been tested include UART lite, UART 16550, Linear flash, EMAC lite, LL TEMAC with PLB DMA, and AXI EMAC with AXI DMA.

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