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Hey there may I request a Zuko x reader in which Zuko has a bad case of nightmares that always disrupts his sleep at night, one day the reader is passing by his room and heard the commotion just to find Zuko all curled up into a ball after another nightmare and she just comforts him, sing him a lullaby maybe, and Zuko got the best sleep of his ...

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Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang. Katara. Sokka. Prince Zuko. Toph Beifong. 113 Character.

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Zuko is one the most well developed character in any western cartoon i've ever watched so I'm just in love with Zuko's character design. I've taken the concept when Zuko is still in his fire nation armor and tweaked it a little bit and.

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flirt [zuko] Originally posted by avatarsymbolism. Pairing: Zuko x earthbender!reader baybeeeeee Summary: An anon request <3 “ zuko and a super outgoing/confident/flirty reader? all the fics i’ve seen so far are super shy reader x zuko, they’re super cute, just not very relatable to me lol” Zuko x Plus size!reader. ... zuko x plus size reader prince zuko imagine avatar the last airbender x ps reader avatar the last airbender x plus size reader avatar the ...

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